SouthTexas Permitting & Mineral Research

SouthTexas Permitting was established in January 2009.

Over 75 years of collective industry experience providing a customizable array of land services and products. We have a small core group of agents.

This expertise creates value through increased efficiency to minimize delays and remain within budget for our clients, especially in the most challenging regions.

Our professional reputation and longstanding relationships are strengthened through constant communication and consistent delivery of high quality services and products.

Above all, our mission is to uphold quality, honesty, and integrity in all we do.  




Bobby has over 20 years in the Oil and Gas Industry. In 1969, he started his career in Big Spring,Tx working for Western Geophysical. In 1984 he became a Justice of the Peace and for 12 years he served his community until he retired and returned back to the Doodle buggers life. He joined Western Geophysical again in 1997 as a Permit Agent. He remained with them until the closure in 2003 as an Assistant Party Manager. In 2010 Bobby took the role as U.S. Permit Operations Supervisor. in 2012 he decided to continue running SouthTexas and growing to what it is today.


Michael has been in business for 12 years. His expertise comes in the GIS / Data Management and his Leasing work. Michael Started his career in Data Management for PGS and acquiring his Certifications with ESRI he was able to use that to start in the GIS field to create high quality surface and mineral maps. In 2006 he started researching title as a contractor for Cimarex. In 2010 Michael to the position as Permit Supervisor US Lands for Global Geophysical. Where he worked on acquiring permits from the Army Corp of Engineers, NOAA, National Marine Fisheries, Bureau of Indian Affairs, as well as State and local government permits. In his career he has also worked with the Hidalgo County Metropolitan Planning Organization as a GIS Specialist. Michael is an active member in his community and sits on the Hidalgo County BPAC as Vice Chairman. 


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